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Your tax-deductible donation is important to us!

Embrace the spirit of generosity and join us at The Sieminski Theater to give back to our vibrant local arts community. Your support has the power to transform, inspire, and elevate the performing arts, making a lasting impact right here in Basking Ridge.

It is also the perfect time to express our sincerest appreciation for you, as a patron and friend of the arts. On behalf of the team at the Sieminski Theater, please accept our sincerest thanks for coming to our shows and supporting us. THANK YOU!

The Sieminski Theater is more than just a theater, it’s a hub of creativity, a space where stories come to life, and dreams take center stage. By supporting The Sieminski Theater, you’re investing in the heartbeat of our local arts scene. Your donation fuels captivating performances, supports emerging talent, and ensures that the magic of live theater continues to thrive.
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Donations received will help support our general operations to help us continue to bring the best caliber entertainment to the stage at the Sieminski Theater. Ticket sales alone do not cover the high costs of quality entertainment. Like most theaters, The Sieminski Theater relies on donations from patrons to help offset the significant costs of our operation.

Let’s come together to nurture the arts and build a legacy of creativity that future generations will cherish. Your support is the gift that keeps our local arts community thriving. Join us in making a difference – because when we give, we not only support the arts, but we also cultivate a richer, more vibrant community for all.

Donations can be made via our secure donation page here: DONATIONS

Handshake Partnerships

Corporate and Seasonal Sponsorships

If you work for a corporation, this is a wonderful opportunity to help support the Arts!  Your tax-deductible donation or sponsorship comes with a whole list of benefits for your company. For more information, please contact Scott Hart at 908-580-3892 or by email at

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Take your seat and play a major role!

Your name or the name of the person you would like to honor will be elegantly engraved on a plaque affixed to one of our seats with a gift of $1,500.  This naming opportunity is a great way to pay tribute to a loved one, a unique gift, celebrate a special occasion or leave a legacy at the Sieminski Theater. Other naming opportunities are also available.

Sieminski playbills

Advertise in our Playbill Today!

Our Playbill is our exclusive show program and is distributed to all theater attendees.  Your business is marketed to affluent consumers in the tri-state area and includes many additional benefits.

For more information on Playbill advertising, contact Scott Hart at